• Automated Systems for Processing Metal Turnings and Recovering Cutting Fluids

  • Automated Conveyor Systems for Metal Stamping, Laser and Die Cast Scrap

  • Custom-Engineered Fluid Filtration and Recycling Systems

Recycling Industry


Recycling Scrap Metal YardBuilding on Partnership:

Your scrap contracts need to be attractive to your customer and profitable for you. You need a partner who understands scrap metal processing and can design, engineer, build, and install a complete system from source to removal. PRAB metal processing engineers are supported by decades of expertise in handling metal scrap and fluids. A PRAB chip processing system will deliver the scrap metal in the place and form you need it; resulting in minimal manual labor, optimal load out conditions, and environmentally compliant transport.

Working with PRAB as your partner you can trust;

  • On-site system review
  • Layout system design and drawings
  • Experienced in ISO 14001 and Environmental compliance regulations
  • Complete System Designs - Convey, process, wring, briquette, filter and recycle fluids
  • Project Management and Installation Support
  • 100% Operational Performance Guarantee



Helping Full-Service Recyclers Secure More Business

You are well versed in dealing with volatility but you don't need the additional challenge of effectively processing and removing scrap metal out of your customer’s facility and into yours. In addition, you need an effective way to handle the additional volume in your facility. PRAB engineers can work with you and your customer to optimize both operations.

Scrap Load-Out System installation in existing process.Before - Scrap load-out system at an Automotive supplier's location. Bins were filled unevenly and not to capacity. The load-out shoot had to be directed manually. The customer had to pay for the scrap recycler to make multiple pick-ups.




Redesigned PRAB Load-Out System with Shuttle Conveyor InstallationAfter - New scrap load-out system at the supplier's location is streamlined with an automated Orbital Shuttle System from PRAB. This new system fills bins evenly and to capacity and shifts to the second bin when the first is at capacity. The new PRAB system maximized scrap handling operations for both the Automotive supplier and the contracted scrap recycler.



Technical Literature Available for Download:

Application Review: Full-Service Recycler Increases Profits with Orbital Load-Out System

Application Review PDF CoverCHALLENGE

Metal scrap recyclers face a mountain of business risk and volatility. In addition to fluctuating commodity prices, metalworking companies don’t collect scrap in their facilities efficiently. This means customer pick-ups are more frequent, containers are fi lled unevenly and with air pockets, and the return is reduced.
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Case Study: Chip and Fluid Recovery at Mathews, Inc.

Scrap metal chips.CHALLENGE

Kalamazoo, Mich., July 20, 2014 - Featured in Modern Machine Shop Magazine. Mathews, Inc is a manufacturer of Bows and Archery Equipment. The company has been in business since 1992 starting with 26 people, growing to now over 400 full-time employees. Another recent expansion to a new 56,000 sq ft facility provided the added capacity necessary to meet customer demand for their products. The company machines Aluminum to build their Bows and accessories. The expansion meant increased capacity for machining centers but also additional metal scrap. Scott Jenkins, Machine Shop Manager Equipment & Design at Mathews worked with Randy Brown, Executive Account Manager for United Milwaukee Scrap, LLC to help develop a cost-effective solution to the challenge of processing the increased volume of Aluminum chips.

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