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Heat Pump Evaporator

The heat pump evaporator is the core of the Evaled line and offers flexibility, low electrical energy consumption, and superior reliability. Evaporation occurs under high vacuum conditions, consuming 25x less energy and providing better control of foaming than units operating closer to atmospheric pressure. The reduced carry-over of contaminants produces a high quality distillate stream for low to medium flow wastewater treatment applications.

Heat Pump Evaporators feature:

  • Vacuum Evaporation Conditions: 7- 9 kPa (1.0 – 1.3 PSIA)
  • Lowest Boiling Temperatures: 30 – 40 °C (86 – 104°F)
  • Low Electrical Energy Consumption: 150 kWh/ton of distillate (0.57 kWh/gal of distillate)
  • Ozone Friendly refrigeration gas (R 134)
  • Designed for low to medium flow wastewater streams
  • Low Scaling and corrosion potential
  • Highest quality distillate

Heat pump evaporators are available in two series using different heat transfer technologies:

Heat pump evaporator with forced circulation and external shell & tube heat exchanger

  • Electrical energy consumption: 150 kWh/ton of distillate (0.57 kWh/gal of distillate)
  • Capacities range from 700 - 48,000L (185 - 12,680 gal) of distillate production per day
  • Designed to treat low to medium wastewater flow rates and produce maximum distillate quality
  • Forced circulation and low boiling temperatures reduce rates of scaling, corrosion, and fouling

PC F series heat pump evaporators are designed to produce maximum distillate quality with minimal capital and operating costs. PC F series evaporators operate under high vacuum conditions (1.0 – 1.3 PSIA), reducing the boiling temperature of the wastewater to 86 - 104°F. This reduced operating temperature significantly inhibits the rates of scaling and corrosion based chemical reactions and decreases the maintenance required as a result. Each unit is skid-mounted for simple installation and controlled by PLC, allowing continuous 24/7 operation.

Heat pump evaporator with scraped heating surfaces

  • Designed for low flow, highly contaminated or pre-concentrated waste streams
  • Capacities range from 150 - 2,000L (40 – 528 gal) of distillate production per day
  • Low boiling temperatures reduce rates of scaling and corrosion
  • Scraped surfaces allow treatment of precipitating waste streams or crystallization of concentrate to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) goals

The PC R series evaporator is a heat pump evaporator/crystallizer with a scraped boiling chamber and a heating jacket. This series is designed to treat wastewater containing a high concentration of suspended and/or dissolved solids. The continuously stirred scraper prevents any fouling of the heat exchange surfaces. An R unit often follows a primary evaporator in series to provide further concentration or crystallization of the concentrate.