• Automated Systems for Processing Metal Turnings and Recovering Cutting Fluids

  • Automated Conveyor Systems for Metal Stamping, Laser and Die Cast Scrap

  • Custom-Engineered Fluid Filtration and Recycling Systems

Fluid Filtration Equipment


PRAB Paper Bed Filter and Magnetic SeparatorPRAB's Paper Bed & Magnetic Paper Bed Filters

In Stock and Ready to Ship! Extend coolant and tool life, increase surface finish an average of 27% and control bacteria with PRAB's line of paper bed filters. Standard paper bed filtration units are available with flow rates up to 500 gpm with different classes of filter media allowing for adjustments of micron clarity



PRAB Magnetic SeparatorMagnetic Separators

PRAB's line of magnetic separators employ high-intensity ferrite or rare earth magnets within a fully energized rotating drum to continuously remove ferrous particles from the flow of liquid.



PRAB Vacuum FilterVacuum Filtration

PRAB's line of vacuum filters range from standard design to custom-engineered systems, with filtration capability up to 4,000 gpm. Our systems are virtually maintenance-free, with high sludge volume elimination resulting in lower production costs.



PRAB Solid Bowl CentrifugeSolid Bowl Centrifuges

Manual and automatic models offers the benefits of centrifugal separation with the advantage of an easily removable bowl for simple cleanup and easy maintenance.



PRAB Candle Filter for 1 Micron FiltrationCandle Filters

Engineered for oil filtration in EDM, tungsten carbide tool grinding, honing machine, and bearing grinding applications.



PRAB Guardian Coolant Recycling SystemPRAB Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems 

The more you can clarify your metalworking coolants, the less waste you'll haul away. You can cut your coolant waste disposal costs up to 90% and your need to buy new coolant up to 75% with PRAB's Guardian coolant recycling system.