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Quick Return Conveyors

PRAB Quick Return ConveyorMove Machining and Metalforming Scrap Away From Your Process Quickly and Effectively

Whether your needs are in-floor or above grade, press-mounted, or machine tool the PRAB Quick Return Conveyor (QR) will effectively move scrap away from your process, keeping your production moving.

Better Technology - Reliable Conveying

Stamping scrap in PRAB's Quick Return Conveyor.The QR conveyor is the best horizontal conveying method for stamping, machining and other metalforming types of scrap because there is no carry over, virtually eliminating stoppage from jams, and quickly moves material away from the point of production. In addition, the smooth continuous motion coupled with the technology of the sensor-based drive provide a quiet, 24/7 operation.

Unlike steel belt and other conveying methods, the PRAB QR Conveyor is the best conveying option for your scrap because of the durable, reliable operation and low cost of ownership.



  • Low Energy Consumption – when compared to a steel belt and other conveying methods, the QR has less moving parts and a steel pan as opposed to a steel belt where belt length, weight, and pull required can contribute to unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Low Maintenance – few moving parts providing minimal wear points, no drive lubrication, no adjustments needed during operation
  • Quick Return Conveyor installation beneath machine press.No Unexpected Downtime – A steel belt conveyor has points where jagged edges in the scrap can get caught, be carried over, or jam the conveyor causing unexpected downtime or maintenance. The smooth steel pan on the QR conveyor eliminates downtime due to jammed material and conveys 100% of the scrap introduced.
  • Ease of Installation – The smooth motion of the QR conveyor means installation requirements are more flexible and do not need to meet extremely tight specifications as with other conveyor types.
  • Noise Reduction – the QR offers a quiet operation, helping to lower the overall dB in your plant and keeping workers safe



  • Suspension rods on Quick Return Conveyor.Trough supported by maintenance free suspension rods
  • Convey material over long horizontal distances
  • Minimum maintenance, low operating costs


  • Customize trough surface with optional liners
  • Trough designs include a single or dual configuration
  • Drive can be located at the end or underneath the conveyor based on application requirement

Dual Quick Return Conveyor