Magnetic Conveyors

Transfer ferrous scrap and parts without carryover

mag sell sheet cover photoPositively transfer wet or dry ferrous chips, stamping slugs, turnings or parts without carryover. Our magnetic conveyors have permanent ceramic magnets are located under the stainless steel slider bed which moves the material. Minimal maintenance is required due to the oil reservoir in the base of the conveyor which self lubricates the chain for a quiet performance.

Features / Options


  • Positive discharge of materials
  • Minimal maintenance required


  • Stainless steel slider bed available in smooth or RigidizedĀ® surfaces


Standard Model

  • Designed for less strenuous applications, feature a steel-encased, U.H.M.W. low-friction track for dependable performance

Heavy-Duty Model

  • Feature self-adjusting drive chain take-up and alloy steel bar tracks that precisely guide the chain and magnetic assemblies under heavier loads
  • Rare earth metals are available for heavy-duty models



  • Utilize plant space
  • Different elevation of discharging point
  • Filling of larger containers
  • Used in overhead layouts


  • Utilize plant space
  • Different elevation of discharging point
  • Cost-effective setup for feeding small containers


  • Efficient processing
  • Used in horizontal or inclined layouts