Wringers - Centrifuges

wringers/centrifugesPRAB's heavy-duty wringers/centrifuges use up to 700 g-force to reclaim up to 98 percent of valuable coolant and cutting oils from aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel, stainless steel and other metal chips so you can:

  • Recycle fluids back into your process
  • Reduce hazardous waste (fluid) disposal costs
  • Get more recycling value with dry chips

The conventional gravity discharge (CD) models of PRAB wringers utilizes an exclusive reversing feature to extend service life. And, when service is needed for wear items - such as screen and bowl - they are easily accessible and replaced.


E-Series Chip Processing System

minisystem2The E-Series offers a compact, plug-and-play option for operations with low to medium volumes of wet machining scrap. 

The system employs a 16-inch CD series centrifuge wringer to recover fluids. Reclaimed fluids are automatically pumped to a 50-gallon (189 liter) recovery tank where files can settle. Fluid can then be safely disposed or recycled. System is easily moved into place with a forklift and occupies a space of just 5 ft by 11 ft (1 m by 3 m). User-friendly PLC controls feature touchscreen HMI. Screw conveyors meter feed material into system as well as discharge dry chips for disposal / recycling.


  • Extended frame and covers to encapsulate all components
  • Recirculating drag conveyor to automatically remove fines from fluid recovery tank
  • Front discharge design available with 3/4 yd3 hopper
  • Shredder for processing turnings to flowable chips
  • Tramp metal separator to protect wringer from bar ends, tooling and other solids


  • Steel: 750 lb/hr (340 kg/hr)
  • Brass: 600 lb/hr (275 kg/hr)
  • Aluminum: 250 lb/hr (115 kg/hr)
  • Cast Iron: 800 lb/hr (370 kg/hr)


chips and oil after cmyk_smallCD (Gravity Discharge) Series

Conventional gravity discharge (CD Series) models are available in 16-, 24- and 40-inch diameters (models 16CD, 24CD and 40CD)

AD (Air Discharge) Series

The AD (air discharge) Series Wringer is available in 24- and 40-inch diameters and are capable of pneumatically propelling chips up to 100 ft (30 m). Models include 24AD and 40AD.